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Annotated Bibliography of Recent Empirical Research in Methadone Treatment Programs

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174 pages

This Annotated Bibliography of Recent Empirical Research in Methadone Treatment Programs is intended to give quick access to the most relevant and recent literature, particularly the literature on empirical treatment outcome and epidemiological research that has been produced since the last comprehensive review (Cooper et al., 1983).


Listings for "Research Issues and Reviews" pertain to methodological issues and literature reviews. Listings on "Treatment Entry Characteristics of Methadone Clients" focus on general client characteristics, psychopathology, and intravenous drug use as a risk factor for HIV transmission. Listings that address "Methadone in Drug Abuse Treatment" consider physiological effects, dosage regimens, and methadone to abstinence. Listings for "Support Services in Methadone Maintenance" include publications that deal with counseling, vocational training and services, social support, behavior modification, prevalence and treatment of cocaine abuse in methadone maintenance, prevalence and treatment of alcohol abuse in methadone maintenance, prevalence treatment of other forms of drug abuse in methadone maintenance, and relapse prevention and aftercare. Listings for "Methadone in Comparison to Other Treatment Alternatives" contain publication on methadone maintenance compared with alternative treatment modalities and methadone compared with alternative drugs used in treatment. Within each of the aforementioned key substantive areas, the entries are listed alphabetically by author. Each entry provides the full reference, a 100-300 word abstract, and a series of key words. The entries are cross-referenced by references and key words in a reference index and a subject index respectively.

Date Published: January 1, 1991