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Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers: NIJ Standard-0112.03

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 1999
24 pages

This document is intended as a procurement aid and specifies the performance requirements test methods for autoloading pistols to be used by police officers.


The standard is a general revision of and supersedes NIJ Standard-0112-02 dated January 1995; it addresses new pistol designs, calibers, revised procedures for verifying headspace, the general revision of the testing procedures. The previous standard added the 10 mm and 40 S&W calibers. This revision of the standard deletes the 10 mm and adds the 357 SIG caliber. The standard is intended for use in assessing the acceptability of new or reissue autoloading pistols. It does not address specific safety devices, full or partial magazine release, pistol shot group size, accuracy, or sights; it also does not address the service life of a pistol. Figures, list of terms, and appended tables and test report form

Date Published: November 1, 1999