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Automatic identification of bullet signatures based on consecutive matching striae (CMS) criteria

NCJ Number
Forensic Science International Volume: 231 Issue: 1-3 Dated: 2013 Pages: 137-141
Date Published
5 pages

Based on signal processing and extraction, this article proposes a model for the automatic and objective counting of consecutive matching striae (CMS).


The consecutive matching striae (CMS) numeric criteria for firearm and toolmark identifications have been widely accepted by forensic examiners, although there have been questions concerning its observer subjectivity and limited statistical support. In the current project, the position and shape information of the striae on the bullet land was represented by a feature profile, which was used for determining the CMS number automatically. Rapid counting of CMS number provides a basis for ballistics correlations with large databases and further statistical and probability analysis. Experimental results in this report using bullets fired from 10 consecutively manufactured barrels support this developed model. (Publisher Abstract)

Date Published: January 1, 2013