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Characteristics of Adults on Probation, 1995

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December 1997
14 pages
T P Bonczar
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Using a nationally representative sample, a two-part survey was conducted to collect detailed information on adults on probation in 1995 throughout the United States.
A total of 5,867 records checks were completed by a probation officer or other probation agency representative. Findings show that in 1995 an estimated 1.5 million felons and 1 million misdemeanants were under the supervision of State and local probation agencies. Drug trafficking (15 percent) and possession (13 percent) were the most common offenses among felons; driving while intoxicated (35 percent) and assault (11 percent) were the most common offenses among misdemeanants. Half of all probationers had a prior sentence to probation or incarceration (30 percent to jail or prison and 42 percent to probation). Drug or alcohol treatment was a sentence condition for 41 percent of adults on probation; 37 percent had received treatment; drug testing was required of 32 percent. Approximately three-quarters of the felons and two-thirds of the misdemeanants had been contacted by a probation officer in the last month. Since entering probation, nearly 1 in 5 had a formal disciplinary hearing. Of these, 38 percent had been arrested or convicted for a new offense; 41 percent had failed to report or absconded; and 38 percent had failed to pay a fine or restitution. 17 tables
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