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Collaborative Intermediate Evaluation of the Pine Lodge Pre-Release Therapeutic Treatment Community for Women Offenders in Washington State

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December 1999
124 pages
Clayton Mosher Ph.D.; Dretha Phillips Ph.D.
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This report describes the purpose, methods, results and implications of an intermediate evaluation of a therapeutic community for women offenders.
This evaluation of the Pine Lodge Pre-Release Therapeutic Community for Women Offenders in Washington State attempted to identify strengths and weaknesses in the program and to establish data sources and collaborative relationships for a subsequent outcomes and impact evaluation of the program. The Pine Lodge “First Chance” chemical dependency treatment program approaches addiction as a biopsychosocial disease and attempts to develop pro-social cognitive, behavioral and affective skills of women offenders. It uses peer encounter groups; behavioral modification and therapy; social and problem solving skills training; rational emotive, cognitive and assertiveness training; anger and aggression management and educational training. The paper recommends concerted efforts to quell the spread of misinformation about “First Chance”; not pressuring staff to retain problematic individuals; not encouraging program principals to increase the number of therapeutic community residents; and standardizing recording and reporting program participation data. Tables, notes, appendix
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