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Common Components of Successful PSN Strategies

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This instructional material contains general guidelines that a U.S. Attorney’s Office (USAO) should consider implementing when developing firearms and anti-violence strategies that have proven effective over the lifespan of the federal Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) initiative, which prioritizes resources for preventing and countering gun-related and gang-related violence.
The report emphasizes that these are general guidelines for USAOs, which should design anti-violence strategies best suited to the nature and prevalence of violent crime in their particular jurisdiction. Still, considering these guidelines should be a part of developing a strategy that is comprehensive, methodical, and collaborative. The following five components are discussed as features of successful PSN strategies: 1) Convene a forum for intelligence sharing, threat assessment, and priority enforcement; 2) Establish a regular gun-case-review process with the local prosecutor’s office; 3) When federal prosecution is appropriate, consider all the statutory tools for removing violent threats from the community; 4) Identify the appropriate data sources for informing the strategy, and reassess whether the strategy is working; and 5) Promote outreach, prevention, and reentry efforts.
Date Created: December 23, 2019