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Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics, 1995

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March 1998
108 pages
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Federal justice statistics for 1995 address prosecutions, pretrial release, adjudication, sentencing, appeals, and corrections.
The data source for all tables in this Compendium is the Bureau of Justice Statistics Federal justice database. Wherever possible, matters or cases have been selected according to some event that occurred during fiscal year 1995 (October 1, 1994, through September 30, 1995). The first chapter describes decisions made by Federal prosecutors in screening criminal matters, along with the characteristics of defendants in cases prosecuted or declined for prosecution. This is followed by a chapter that describes the pretrial release and detention practices of the Federal judiciary, including the characteristics of defendants detained or released pending trial. The third chapter contains data pertinent to actions by the Federal judiciary in adjudicating defendants in cases filed by the U.S. attorneys, including the offense charged and characteristics of defendants convicted. Another chapter provides information and statistics on the sentences imposed by the Federal judiciary on convicted defendants, including the characteristics of defendants sentenced. This is followed by a chapter that addresses appeals of criminal convictions and sentences imposed in the Federal courts, including the original offense charged. The sixth chapter provides information and statistics related to defendants under Federal correctional supervision -- probation, parole, and supervised release -- including the outcome of the supervision (successful completion, any violations, and revocation), admissions to and releases from Federal prison, and time served by Federal inmates. Extensive figures and tables and highlights of the data
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