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Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation: 1997 Overview

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May 1998
162 pages
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Legislation/Policy Description
This compendium analyzes State laws and regulations that pertain to the privacy and security of criminal history record information up to July 1997.
Section 1 provides an overview of State criminal history record laws and an analysis of State requirements that relate to data quality and noncriminal justice access and use. Section 2 defines the 28 subject-matter categories into which the laws and regulations are classified in the tables. These categories are the same as those used in previous volumes, so this volume replaces all of the earlier volumes in the series. Section 3 presents summary tables that show trends and developments in criminal justice information law and policy by classification category. This is followed by a section that contains summary tables of criminal justice information statutes and regulations by State, along with a list of the titles of the State codes from which the citations were extracted. All of the tables in Sections 3 and 4 present complete citations to the official State codes or other State compilations where the full text of the laws and regulations may be found. The methodology used in compiling this compendium included a survey of State officials concerned with criminal record programs and policy, followed by extensive library research on the State codes to verify and augment survey responses. The survey and research encompasses 53 jurisdictions: the 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
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