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Conducting Community Surveys: A Practical Guide For Law Enforcement Agencies

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Deborah Weisel
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This report summarizes basic points that law enforcement officials should consider in deciding whether to survey the public.
This practical guide for law enforcement agencies accompanies the Crime Victimization Survey Software developed by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and the Bureau of Justice Statistics. It describes how surveys have been used to improve policing services, ways to identify survey goals and procedures for survey administration and analysis. The guide reviews many aspects of using surveys, including: (1) use of telephone surveys; (2) overcoming fears of surveys; (3) tailoring surveys to fit different needs; (4) modifications to reflect local conditions; (5) the critical issue of sample size; (6) issues of probability sampling; (7) coordination and quality control; (8) selection, training and supervision; (9) frequencies and cross tabulations; and (10) terminology and costs. Appendixes, table
Date Created: July 6, 2018