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Correctional Populations in the United States, 1998 - Statistical Tables

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September 2002
170 pages
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This report presents statistical tables containing data on the growing number of persons in the United States who were under some form of correctional supervision.
Begun in 1985 the tables are the latest in a series based on data from annual BJS surveys. They present jurisdiction-level counts of prisoners, probationers, and parolees, by gender, race, Hispanic origin, admission type, release type, and sentence length. Data are also provided on persons under jail jurisdiction for the Nation, as well as the 25 largest jurisdictions. Jail information includes the number of inmates by gender, race, Hispanic origin, juvenile status, and conviction status, and the total jail capacity and percent occupied at midyear. The tables also include data on characteristics of inmates under a sentence of death, reported separately for those who entered prison and those who were removed from under a death sentence during the year. Finally, the tables include detailed data on correctional facilities operated by the U.S. military and characteristics of persons confined in them at yearend.
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