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Crime and the Nation's Households, 2000 with Trends, 1994-2000

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September 2002
8 pages
Patsy A. Klaus
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This document examines the percentage of households experiencing one or more crimes in 2000, with trends since 1994.
The percentages of households victimized by vandalism or by intimate partner violence are estimated from the National Crime Victimization Survey for the first time. Prevalence measures show the percentage of households affected by crime -- a perspective absent in crime counts of criminal incidents. Data are presented by race, ethnicity, place of residence, region, and size of household. Highlights include the following: (1) in 2000, 16 percent of U.S. households had a household member who was victimized by a crime of violence or theft; (2) of the 4 percent of households which experienced a violent crime, 3 percent experienced an aggravated or simple assault; and (3) about 14 percent of households experienced a property crime of household burglary, motor vehicle theft or property theft. 4 figures, 5 tables, 9 references
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