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Domestic and Family Violence: Highlighted Programs From the State Annual Reports

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T L O'Connor; A G Richards
Date Published
115 pages
This report describes innovative programs funded by the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance and developed and implemented by the States to prevent, detect, and address domestic assault.
The information was obtained from the 1992 State annual reports. Thirty-four States reported domestic violence programs in areas such as family violence; child abuse; elder abuse; prosecution units; victim assistance; shelters; response teams; task forces; court programs; victim hotlines; crisis centers; education, information, and training; batterer programs; investigator programs; and programs focusing on the prevention, intervention, and treatment of all aspects of domestic assault. The programs serve diverse target populations, including both victims and perpetrators. The programs are listed by State. The information on each program includes the name; contact person's name, organization, address, telephone, and fax, program type, target population and setting, starting date, sponsoring organization, annual budget, funding sources, and program description.

Date Published: January 1, 1994