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Electric Motorcycles Can Offer Advantages for Law Enforcement

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Techbeat Dated: September 2016 Pages: 13-15
Date Published
September 2016
3 pages
This article details how some law enforcement agencies are using cost-effective, electric powered motorcycles that can patrol areas where police cars can't reach.

Specifically mentioned in the article is the Santa Rosa (California) Police Department, which purchased two electric motorcycles in 2015 using grant money from the U.S. Department of Justice. The department's Downtown Enforcement Team uses the vehicles to traverse terrain such as creek paths, parks, and railroad tracks, increasing response times to areas patrol cars cannot get to. The vehicles also allow officers to approach situations quietly, providing a tactical advantage. The vehicles use an electric motor driven by batteries that are plugged in for recharging. Other advantages of the electric vehicles include that they are exhaust free, produce minimal heat, are highly maneuverable, operate at about a penny per mile cost, and have maintenance-free powertrains. The Department spent about a year researching electric motorcycles before deciding on what type to buy to augment its existing gas-powered motorcycle fleet. The department expanded its Downtown Enforcement Team from four to six officers in July 2016, and has plans to apply for another grant to purchase two additional electric motorcycles.

Date Published: September 1, 2016