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Electromagnetic Gun Detection Demonstration System, Final Report

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97 pages

This is the final report concerning an electromagnetic gun detection demonstration system.


The report contains technical details of the program to test Raytheon’s prototype handgun detection system in an operational but friendly environment in order to determine the performance as a function of probability of detection and false alarm rate. The report includes narrative and technical drawings concerning: (1) Demonstration System Design Concept; (2) Theory of Operation; (3) Present Design; (4) Testing Program Summary; (5) In-House Testing; (6) Field Testing; (7) Project Execution Plan & Schedule; (8) Potential Additional Tasks; (9) Expanded Testing of Threatening and Non-Threatening Items; (10) Increased Detection Range Investigation; (11) Countermeasures Testing; (12) Convert to Real Time Operation; and (13) Feasibility Studies of Crowd Control Applications and Other System Configurations. Figures

Date Published: January 1, 1999