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Entity Resolution Service Specification, Version 1.0

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Date Published
May 2023
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This service specification is a formal description of the capabilities made available through the Entity Resolution Service, and is composed of the Service description, Service Interface Descriptions, and the schemas and samples used to implement and test the service.


This document provides a formal description of the Entity Resolution Service (ERS); it contains information about all aspects of the service that are not directly tied to its physical implementation, i.e., the service interface. The Service Overview section notes that the purpose of ERS is to provide a means to analyze a set of entity records, through matching and merging logic, to determine whether the records represent the same real-world entity. It also describes ERS's scope, capabilities, real-world effects, summary, description, and security classification. The Business Scenarios section provides two scenarios that investigators and justice systems can use to match or merge entity records received, either from a system search, when performing system-to-system information transfers, or to make determinations about information redundancy in the system. The Service Interoperability Requirements section presents a list of the Service Interaction Requirements established by the (Global Reference Architecture) GRA Framework and indicates whether each is mandatory for the ERS; it also provides details about consumer authentication and authorization requirements; identity and attribute assertion transmission; message nonrepudiation, integrity, confidentiality, and addressing requirements; metadata availability requirements; service assumption and dependencies; and more. The Service Model section provides information model diagrams; action model charts; and process model business scenarios.

Date Published: May 1, 2023