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Evaluation of the STOP Violence Against Women Grant Program: Law Enforcement and Prosecution Components

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Date Published
June 2001
131 pages
This report evaluates the law enforcement and prosecution components of the STOP Violence Against Women grant program authorized by the Violence Against Women Act of 1994.
The report seeks to: (1) document the types of activities carried out by law enforcement and prosecution agencies under the STOP program; (2) examine how the Violence Against Women Act affected State legislation; (3) evaluate State-level efforts on training in violence against women; (4) evaluate the local implementation of STOP projects; and (5) determine the impact of local STOP-funded projects on victim safety and offender accountability. The evaluation includes analysis of: a 1995 survey of subgrantees and a national database of 1999 subgrantees; State laws pertaining to violence against women on an annual basis; State law enforcement training trends, prosecutor training projects, and training programs; local implementation of eight STOP-funded projects, including site visits, staff interviews, collection of project documentation, and participation in grant-funded activities; and data gathered from statistical analysis, case tracking, victim surveys, focus groups, and victim interviews involving two specialized units and two multi-agency team projects at the local level. The report concludes that, at the State level, the STOP program has had a significant impact on the extent and scope of law enforcement and prosecution training. In addition, it has influenced legislative activity; provided a vital source of funding for cities, counties, and States; and improved victim services. Notes, figures, tables, appendix

Date Published: June 1, 2001