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Evidence-Based Strategies for Working with Offenders

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Michael Rempel
Date Published
April 2014
6 pages
This publication examines strategies for working with offenders.
This publication summarizes a growing body of research about evidence-based strategies in five areas for reducing recidivism among criminal offenders: 1) assessment which uses validated screening and assessment tools to determine offender risk and needs; 2) treatment that applies risk-need-responsivity (RNR) principles when matching offenders to interventions; 3) deterrence which imposes certain and consistent consequences in response to noncompliance; 4) procedural justice which establishes fair and consistent procedures and treats offenders respectfully, and 5) collaboration which obtains the buy-in and participation of multiple criminal justice agencies, including both top level officials and line staff. Findings from academic and program evaluation literature in the fields of psychology, criminal justice, sociology, and public policy suggest that evidence-based interventions, which effectively combine the core principles of the five areas, can significantly reduce recidivism. 20 notes

Date Published: April 1, 2014