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Experimenting with Future-Oriented Analysis at Crime Hot Spots in Minneapolis

NCJ Number
Geography & Public Safety Volume: 2 Issue: 4 Dated: March 2011 Pages: 6-9
Date Published
March 2011
4 pages

This article examines the use of predictive policing in Minneapolis's policing efforts.


This article examines the results of predictive policing research being conducted by the Minneapolis, MN, Police Department. Two figures in the article show examples of attempts by the Minneapolis Crime Analysis Unit to react to incidents of crime that occurred in patterns. In both cases, police department analysts used advanced analysis and data mining to translate contemporary evidence-based research into actionable knowledge. From this work, a formula was developed for use in explaining predictive policing analysis. This formula was then used by the Minneapolis Police Department to crate patrol zones to reduce gun violence, and eventually to localize crime to areas that could be controlled by a single patrol car. Outcomes from this effort were examined to evaluate the effectiveness of predictive policing in crime prevention. Results of this analysis are discussed. 3 figures and 4 notes

Date Published: March 1, 2011