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Federal Law Enforcement Officers, 2002

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2003
16 pages
Brian A. Reaves Ph.D.; Lynn M. Bauer
Publication Series
Publication Type
Statistics, Report (Annual/Periodic)
This report provides national data on Federal officers with authority to make arrests and carry firearms as of June 2002, based on a census of Federal agencies.
Using agency classifications, the report presents the number of officers working in the areas of criminal investigation and enforcement, police patrol and response, security and protection, court operations, and corrections, by agency and State. Data on gender and race of officers are also included. Highlights include the following: Duties for Federal officers included criminal investigation (40 percent), police response and patrol (22 percent), corrections (18 percent), noncriminal investigations and inspection (14 percent), court operations (4 percent), and security and protection; INS (1,447) had the largest increase in number of officers; next was the Veterans Health Administration (1,263), which continued its program to expand firearm authority to its entire police force, followed by the Customs Service (1,112), and BOP (748); women accounted for 14.8 percent of Federal officers in 2002; minority representation was 32.4 percent in 2002, up from 30.5 percent in 1998; Hispanic or Latino officers comprised 16.8 percent of officers in 2002, and African-American or Latino officers comprised 16.8 percent of officers in 2002; and African-American or Black officers, 11.7 percent.
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