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Federal Prosecution of Human-Trafficking Cases, 2015

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Date Published
June 2018
15 pages
Mark Motivans; Howard N. Snyder
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Statistics, Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Annual/Periodic)
This report presents national data on human-trafficking cases in the federal criminal justice system for fiscal year 2015.
Human-trafficking offenses include peonage, slavery, forced labor, or sex trafficking; production of child pornography; and transportation for illegal sex activity. Data show the number of persons investigated by federal law enforcement agencies and referred to U.S. attorneys for human-trafficking offenses, as well as number of cases prosecuted, adjudicated, and sentenced in U.S. district court, including the disposition of human-trafficking matters concluded, reasons matters were declined for prosecution, demographic characteristics of suspects charged with human-trafficking offenses, and key case outcomes, such as conviction rates and prison sentence lengths. In fiscal year 2015, 1,923 suspects with human trafficking as the lead charge were referred to U.S. attorneys. Thirty-nine percent of these cases were for peonage, slavery, labor, or sex trafficking; 32 percent for production of child pornography; and 29 percent for transportation for illegal sex activity. Most of the human-trafficking suspects referred to U.S. attorneys were by the FBI (52 percent) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (19 percent). Nearly 6 in 10 (59 percent) human-trafficking suspects referred to U.S. attorneys in 2015 were prosecuted in U.S. district courts. Just over 9 in 10 (93 percent) human-trafficking defendants were convicted. Nearly all (99 percent) of the 769 convicted human-trafficking defendants in 2015 received a prison sentence. Findings are based on data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics' (BJS') Federal Justice Statistics Program, with source data provided by the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. 11 tables and 4 figures
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