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Five Things About Community-Based Terrorism Prevention Programs

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Date Published
December 2023
2 pages

This brief summarizes research findings on community-based terrorism prevention programs.


This publication summarizes research on community-based terrorism prevention programs, including findings of studies funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). These studies explore how programs can be designed and implemented at the community level, as well as the most promising practices for addressing radicalized individuals before their ideologies manifest into violence. Research on community-based terrorism prevention programs has found that community-based terrorism prevention programs should be constructed and implemented in close consultation and coordination with intended beneficiaries and employ rigorous and proactive collaborations. These programs can have an impact beyond terrorism prevention. Including terrorism prevention in broader violence prevention and public health programming can be more successful than standalone terrorism-prevention programs. Understanding the efficacy, suitability, and impact of community-based terrorism prevention programs is key to achieving policy priorities and serving community needs. 

Date Published: December 1, 2023