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Geography and Public Safety: A Quarterly Bulletin of Applied Geography for the Study of Crime and Public Safety, Volume 2, Issue 4

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2011
16 pages
Publication Type
Research (Applied/Empirical)
This edition of Geography and Public Safety contains six articles dealing with the use of geography in the field of policing and public safety.
The articles examine: Police Legitimacy and Predictive Policing which examines the validity behind predictive policing policies. The Predictive Policing Symposium: A Strategic Discussion presents a summary of predictive policing. Proactive Policing: Using Geographic Analysis to Fight Crime examines the benefits of using geospatial statistical analysis in policing. Experimenting with Future-Oriented Analysis at Crime Hot Spots in Minneapolis examines the use of predictive policing in Minneapolis's policing efforts. Geospatial Technology Working Group (TWG): Meeting Report on Predictive Policing presents the results of the Geospatial TWG's meeting in which the topic of predictive policing was discussed. Predicting Demand for Service for Future Developments presents a guideline for use in predicting future demand for police services. A listing of upcoming Geography and Public Safety Events is also included in the newsletter
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