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Geography and Public Safety: A Quarterly Bulletin of Applied Geography for the Study of Crime and Public Safety, Volume 2, Issue 4

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Geography & Public Safety Volume: 2 Issue: 4 Dated: March 2011 Pages: 1-16
Date Published
March 2011
16 pages
This edition of Geography and Public Safety contains six articles dealing with the use of geography in the field of policing and public safety.
The articles examine: Police Legitimacy and Predictive Policing which examines the validity behind predictive policing policies. The Predictive Policing Symposium: A Strategic Discussion presents a summary of predictive policing. Proactive Policing: Using Geographic Analysis to Fight Crime examines the benefits of using geospatial statistical analysis in policing. Experimenting with Future-Oriented Analysis at Crime Hot Spots in Minneapolis examines the use of predictive policing in Minneapolis's policing efforts. Geospatial Technology Working Group (TWG): Meeting Report on Predictive Policing presents the results of the Geospatial TWG's meeting in which the topic of predictive policing was discussed. Predicting Demand for Service for Future Developments presents a guideline for use in predicting future demand for police services. A listing of upcoming Geography and Public Safety Events is also included in the newsletter

Date Published: March 1, 2011