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Guns, Safety and Proactive Supervision: Involving Probation and Parole in Project Safe Neighborhoods

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56 pages
Robert L. Thornton M.Ed; William D. Burrell; Karen L. Dunlap; Ronald G. Schweer
This study examined the role of parole and probation in Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a comprehensive and strategic approach to reducing gun crime in the United States.
This study provides probation and parole officers and the agencies associated with supervising offenders a framework to assist them in planning, implementing, and enhancing security for supervision of offenders who are prohibited from possessing firearms. PSN's approach is to reduce gun crime by providing locally based programs with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Under the leadership of the U.S. Attorney in each of the 94 Federal judicial districts, local law enforcement and other officials can create a task force and tailor the PSN strategy to fit the unique gun crime problems in that district. Criminals who use guns are prosecuted under Federal, State, or local laws, depending on which jurisdiction can provide the most appropriate sanction. The document details information on the impact of illegal guns on community supervision; proactive supervision and guns; the alliance of proactive supervision and PSN; how PSN deters gun crime; and training aspects for parole and probation searches. Figures, references, and appendixes

Date Created: April 8, 2014