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GWAs Identify DNA Variants Influencing Eyebrow Thickness Variation in Europeans and Across Continental Populations

NCJ Number
Journal of Investigative Dermatology Volume: 143 Issue: 7 Dated: July 2023 Pages: 1317-1322
Date Published
July 2023
6 pages

This paper discusses DNA variants influencing eyebrow thickness (ET).


Natural variation in eyebrow thickness (ET) is one of the most conspicuous facial features. Understanding its genetic basis is of broad interest and has implications for dermatology and other fields. Four ET-associated loci have been established thus far, all in non-Europeans. Because no European ET GWAS had been reported, it remains unknown whether the genetic ET effects described in non-Europeans persist in Europeans or whether there are European-specific genetic loci involved in ET or both. Two GWASs for ET have been reported thus far. In 2,457 Latin Americans from the CANDELA cohort, Adhikari et al., 2016 identified 3q22.3 harboring FOXL2. In 2,961 Han Chinese from the Taizhou longitudinal study (TZL) cohort, Wu et al., 2018 discovered 3q26.33 harboring SOX2 and 5q13.2 harboring FOXD1 and discovered 2q12.3 harboring EDAR by meta-analysis of CANDELA and TZL (Wu et al., 2018 ). (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: July 1, 2023