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Idaho's Statistical Analysis Center Helps State Police Solve Personnel Allocation Problem

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Geography & Public Safety Volume: 1 Issue: 2 Dated: July 2008 Pages: 11-13
Date Published
July 2008
3 pages
This article discusses how the Idaho State Police utilized the Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (ISAC) to determine the allocation of personnel.
Statistical Analysis Centers (SAC) collect and distribute criminal justice data and research and evaluate statewide policy issues. They actively work to establish national and State networking relationships and research partnerships. In seeking to determine how many troopers should patrol State roads, the Idaho State Police requested the Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (ISAC) conduct an allocation study in 2007. The ISAC used geographic mapping technologies and collaborative data to answer the question. A mathematical equation incorporating average patrol speeds and the number of patrols per day allowed ISAC to determine how many troopers were needed to patrol each mile of freeway. ISAC estimated that the Idaho State Police would need to hire 88 additional troopers. 2 figures and 2 notes

Date Published: July 1, 2008