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An Interface for Collaborative Digital Forensics

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This thesis presents a novel interface for collaborative Digital Forensics.


The improvement in the process management and remote access apropos of the use of current Digital Forensic tools in the area of Digital Forensics is described in this thesis. The architecture presented uses current technology and implements standard security procedures. In addition, the development of software modules, elaborated on later in this thesis, makes this architecture secure, portable, robust, reliable, scalable, and convenient as a solution. Such a solution, presented in this thesis, is not specific to any Digital Forensics tool or operating platform making it a portable architecture. A primary goal of this thesis has been the development of a solution that could support law-enforcement agency needs for remote digital decryption. The interface presented here aims to achieve this goal. The use of two popular Digital Forensic tools and their integration with this interface had led to a fully operational portal with 24X7 digital decryption processing capabilities for agents to use. A secondary goal was to investigate ideas and techniques that could be helpful in the field of "passphrase" generation and recovery. The implementation of certain computational models to support in this research is under way. The interface has been designed with features that would be part of the foundational work of developing new pass phrase breaking software components. Establishing a dedicated setup for the Digital Forensic tools and creating a secure, reliable, and user-friendly interface for it, has been a major component of the overall development in creating the portal. (Published abstract provided)

Date Published: January 1, 2007