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Jails in Indian Country, 2016

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This report on jails in Indian country in 2016 addresses the number of jail facilities, the trend in jail facility capacities from midyear 2000 to midyear 2016, jail facility admissions, and inmate characteristics (demographics, conviction status, and offense characteristics).
At midyear 2016, Indian country jails held an estimated 2,540 inmates at midyear 2016, a 1.2-percent increase from the 2,510 inmates held in 76 facilities at midyear 2015. The number of jails increased from 68 facilities in 2004 to 80 in 2016. An estimated 1,280 employees staffed jails at midyear 2016. The ratio of one jail operations employee for every two inmates has remained stable since 2010. From midyear 2000 to midyear 2016, the overall rated capacity of Indian country jails grew at twice the rate of the midyear inmate population. At midyear 2016, these facilities were rated to hold 4,090 inmates, an increase from 2015 (2,076). On average, each jail held 32 inmates at midyear 2016. Sixty-three percent of inmates were held in 23 facilities. An estimated 9,640 persons were admitted to Indian country jails in June 2016, which was down from 9,810 admissions in June 2015. The average length of stay was about 7 days in June 2015 and nearly 8 days in June 2016. Although males continued to compose the majority of jail inmates in Indian country from 2000 to 2016, the proportion of females increased from 20 percent in 2000 to 27 percent in 2016. The number of inmates age 17 or younger declined during the period, from 16 percent of the population in 2000 to fewer than 10 percent in 2013-2016. At midyear 2016, 55 percent of jail inmates were convicted, a decline from the peak observed in 2009 (69 percent). Each year from 2010 to 2016, 30 percent of inmates were held for a violent offense, down from 40 percent in 2007. 15 tables and 2 figures
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