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Just Science Podcast: Just Collecting Fingerprints Without Contact

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November 2023

In episode seven of our Case Studies season, Just Science sat down with Ross Krewenka, Product Manager for IDEMIA, and Mike Ransom, Automated Print Manager for the Michigan State Police, to discuss the development and use cases of contactless fingerprint capture technology.

Traditionally, ink and paper are used to capture fingerprints from subjects; however, advances in technology have made it possible to document fingerprints electronically. Furthermore, technological advancements have even made it possible to capture fingerprints without subjects physically encountering fingerprint sensors or being touched by law enforcement. Listen along as Ross and Mike describe the process of adapting industry fingerprint technology to the public safety field, how contactless fingerprint capture technology can benefit individuals with special needs and preferences, and the impact of this technology on the future of identification.

Date Published: November 1, 2023