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Just Science Podcast: Just the Evolution of Digital Evidence

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Date Published
July 2020
3 pages

This first episode in the Just Science podcast series on digital evidence is an interview with Paul Reedy - the owner of 4th Street Global, a digital evidence consulting firm - who discusses the history and evolution of digital evidence.


Background information for the interview notes that although the field of digital evidence is relatively new, it requires validation and testing as a forensic discipline. Digital evidence often provides greater insight into the investigation of a crime or the defense of the alleged perpetrator. Reedy's experiences and perspectives mirror the evolution of digital tools and data in the commission of crimes, which has required the development of investigative tools for collecting, interpreting, and authenticating digital evidence. Reedy notes that digital evidence initially focused on computers as the primary device for storing and transmitting digital evidence related to crimes and thus investigations; however, digital devices have evolved to include hand-held and other portable devices that may provide evidence related to location, videos, and photos. Reedy's experiences have also involved the evolution of investigative tools, standards, training, and accreditation in forensic science and law enforcement occasioned by evolving criminal activities that produce some form of digital evidence.

Date Published: July 1, 2020