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Just Science Podcast: Just Identifying Gacy's Victims Part 2

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December 2022

In episode three of the Case Studies: Part 2 mini season, Just Science sat down again with Jason Moran, Commander of Police at the Cook County Sherriff's Office, to continue discussing how his Forensic Services Initiative team re-opened the John Wayne Gacy case, in attempt to identify the eight remaining victims. Once Commander Moran's cold case unit announced the re-opening of the Gacy case, his team was contacted by hundreds of families across the country who were still looking for their missing loved ones. Although the team planned to identify the eight remaining victims, it turned out they were able to provide answers for more families than they could have ever predicted. Listen along as Commander Moran discusses the hurdles of forming a cold case unit, the methodology behind identifying a victim, and the incredible results from his cold case investigation. 

Date Published: December 1, 2022