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Just Science Podcast: Just Lending a Hand During Autopsy Exams

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March 2023

In episode two of the Supporting Medicolegal Death Investigators mini season, Just Science sat down with Lindsey McNaughton, founder of the National Association of Forensic Autopsy Technicians, to discuss the importance of forensic autopsy technicians, and her efforts to create more resources for this community. When someone dies unexpectedly or of unnatural causes, performing a full autopsy examination can be an extensive process that requires many steps and close attention to detail. To make sure autopsy examinations go as smoothly as possible, forensic pathologists are assisted by forensic autopsy technicians, who complete tasks ranging from photographing remains, prepping tools, and much more. Listen along as Lindsey describes the many unexpected roles of an autopsy technician, the training required for the position, and why she created the National Association of Forensic Autopsy Technicians.

Date Published: March 1, 2023