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Just Science Podcast: Just Workplace Stress and Its Impact on Decision-Making in Forensics

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May 2023

This Special Release episode of Just Science podcast discusses Dr. Mohammed Almazrouei’s dissertation work on how workplace stressors may affect decision-making in the field of forensic science. 


In this Special Release episode, Just Science host, Donia Slack, interviews Dr. Mohammed Almazrouei, a forensic practitioner with the Abu Dhabi Police, to discuss his research into how workplace stressors may affect decision-making in the field of forensic science, and how he has laid the foundation for future research on that topic. The conversation first focuses on some theoretical background and research findings on the possible sources of stress on decision-making on forensic science, and continues on to discuss the impacts of stress on forensic decisions. Dr. Almazrouei describes his decision to start his exploratory study using fingerprint technicians since fingerprints are widely used in the forensic science domain and they carry a lot of weight in the legal judgments, as well as being applicable to other disciplines that rely on pattern recognition. The research discussed in this podcast provides experimental data beyond anecdotal evidence on the impacts of stress as well as the decision-making process of forensic science practitioners.

Date Published: May 1, 2023