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Law Enforcement Analyst Certification Standards

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Date Published
January 2010
12 pages
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This document provides standards that are recommended for persons hired as analysts in support of intelligence-led policing, in order to promote professionalism and leadership among the analytic community.


These recommended analytic standards incorporate the Law Enforcement Analytic Standards and were developed in 2005 by the Department of Justice’s Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative in order to ensure that intelligence products are accurate, timely, factual, and relevant. This document is divided into two sections which provide the following recommended standards: standards for analyst certification organizations, which include resources for persons assigned to the analyst function as well as recommendations such as the development of a code of ethics, of policies and procedures for the certification process; and standards for the analyst certification process, which include recommendations for the completion of a certification application, successful completion of a certification examination, and adherence to the standards outlined in the Law Enforcement Analytic Standards. Each recommended standard provides a bullet pointed list of relevant policies and actions.

Date Published: January 1, 2010