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This article describes the features and the practical uses of the Law Enforcement Online (LEO) intranet, which enables law enforcement personnel at every level to communicate with one another in a secure mode.

Currently, users access the LEO system through a national, toll-free, dial-up network; however, the addition of other communications delivery systems, such as the Internet, are being considered for the future. LEO currently serves more than 14,000 registered users and is expected to increase to 30,000 users by the end of 2000. Any approved employee of a duly constituted local, State, or Federal law enforcement agency or an approved member of an authorized Law Enforcement Special Interest Group (LESIG) can currently access LEO at no cost. LEO provides facilities for electronic communications, including electronic mail (e-mail), chat rooms (private, onscreen interactive keyboard conversations), bulletin boards, LESIG communications, and calendars of events. LEO also offers an online library of law enforcement publications. All communications and information are provided in a secure user environment. Multiple tiers of security enable user groups with a specialized area of interest to exchange sensitive but unclassified information without having it distributed to the broader user community. LEO can be used to provide online training courses and material on the latest investigative and enforcement techniques layers. A topical electronic library is set for expansion during 1999.

Date Published: January 1, 1999