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Local Police Departments, 1997: Executive Summary

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October 1999
5 pages
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This is a summary of activities by local police departments nationwide during 1997.
The report includes the number and size of agencies, job classification of personnel, race and sex of sworn personnel, agency functions, 911 system, lockup facilities, operating expenditures, starting salaries, special pay, education and training requirements, sidearms, nonlethal weapons, body armor policies, vehicle use policies, computers, and written policy directives. Highlights include: (1) As of June 1997, local police departments had an estimated 531,496 full-time employees, including 420,000 sworn personnel; (2) Racial and ethnic minorities comprised 21.5 percent of full-time sworn officers, compared to 19.1 percent in 1993, 17 percent in 1990 and 14.6 percent in 1987; (3) Nearly all officers worked for departments that used criminal record checks, background investigations, driving record checks and medical exams to screen applicants. Most departments also used psychological, aptitude and physical agility tests. Figures

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