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Local Police Departments, 2000

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January 2003
28 pages
Matthew J. Hickman; Brian A. Reaves Ph.D.
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This report presents data collected from a representative sample of the nearly 13,000 general-purpose local police departments nationwide.
This report is based on the 2000 Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics (LEMAS) survey. Tables describe the number and size of agencies, race, and gender of sworn personnel, operating budgets and salaries, education and training requirements, sidearms, nonlethal weapons, community policing activities, computers and information systems, special technologies, and written policies and procedures. Highlights include: in 2000 nearly all local police 9-1-1 systems in jurisdictions with 10,000 or more residents were enhanced, capable of displaying information such as caller’s phone number, address, and special needs; departments had total operating budgets of $36.7 billion during fiscal 2000, 33 percent more than in 1990 after adjusting for inflation; and 68 percent of local police departments, employing 90 percent of all officers, had a community policing plan of some type. Tables
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