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Lull Before the Storm: Adult Children Who Kill Their Parents

NCJ Number
The Forensic Examiner Volume: 17 Issue: 3 Dated: Fall 2008 Pages: 40-54
Date Published
14 pages

This article examines the application of fraud detection homicide to an adult child who is perpetrating fraud schemes against his parents and kills them (known as parricide) once they have detected his fraud.


This study is the fourth article in a series of articles devoted to understanding red-collar criminals. The first study, Fraud Detection Homicide: A Proposed FBI Criminal Classification (Perri and Lichtenwald, 2007, NCJ 225071), advanced the proposition that there is a sub-group of white-collar criminals who are capable of vicious and brutal violence against individuals, namely murder, whom they believe have detected their fraudulent crimes. The sub-group is referred to as red-collar criminals. The second study is The Arrogant Chameleons: Exposing Fraud Detection Homicide (Perri and Lichtenwald, 2008, NCJ 225293), and the third study is A Tale of Two Countries: International Fraud Detection Homicide (Perri and Lichtenwald, 2008, NCJ 227042).

Date Published: January 1, 2008