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Medical Problems of Prisoners

NCJ Number
Date Published
April 2008
27 pages
Laura Maruschak
Publication Series
The report presents findings on medical problems of State and Federal prisoners who reported a current medical problems, a physical or mental impairment, a dental problem, or an injury since admission based on data from the 2004 Survey of Inmates in State and Federal correctional facilities.
This report examines medical problems and other conditions by gender, age, and selected background characteristics. Report highlights include: (1) an estimated 44 percent of State inmates and 39 percent of Federal inmates reported a current medical problem other than a cold or virus; (2) arthritis (State 15 percent and Federal 12 percent) and hypertension (State 14 percent and Federal 13 percent) were the two most commonly reported medical problems; (3) more than 8 in 10 inmates in State and Federal prisons reported receiving a medical exam or a blood test since admission; (4) almost all State and Federal inmates reported being tested for TB (95 to 96 percent respectively); (5) learning was the most commonly reported impairment among State and Federal inmates (23 and 13 percent); and (6) 16 percent of State inmates and 8 percent of Federal inmates reported having multiple impairments. Tables and appendixes 1-3

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