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Michigan State Police Tests 1995 Patrol Vehicles

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September 1994
4 pages

The Michigan State Police (MSP) tests new patrol vehicles yearly as part of its procurement policy, and test results are weighted to reflect the relative importance of each attribute to MSP operational requirements.


In August 1994, the MSP tested four special service package cars (two Camaros, one Caprice station wagon, and one Jeep Cherokee) and five police patrol package cars. The MSP scored each vehicle's overall performance, reviewed the manufacturer's bid price, and calculated a final score for each vehicle using a sophisticated formula that combined overall performance score and manufacturer price. Procedures are described that were used to determine high-speed pursuit handling characteristics; the vehicle's ability to accelerate from a standing start to 60 mph within 10 seconds, 80 mph within 17.2 seconds, and 100 mph within 28.2 seconds; the vehicle's ability to reach 110 mph within 1 mile and 120 mph within 2 miles; the acceptability of vehicle braking performance for pursuit service; the vehicle's ability to provide a suitable environment for patrol officers to perform their job and accommodate required communications and emergency warning equipment; and fuel economy potential. Results of patrol vehicle testing are tabulated. 7 tables

Date Published: September 1, 1994