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Multistate Criminal History Patterns of Prisoners Released in 30 States

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September 2015
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Matthew R. Durose; Howard N. Snyder; Alexia D. Cooper
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This report presents 5-year, post-release arrest rates for a sample of offenders (n = 404,638) in 30 States who were released from prison in 2005, with attention to a comparison of arrests within the State of release and arrests in other States.
During the 5 years after release, 6 percent of inmates with no prior out-of-State arrests were arrested out of State, compared to 34 percent of inmates who had four or more prior out-of-State arrests. Thus, the likelihood that offenders were arrested out of State following their release increased with the number of previous out-of State arrests in their criminal history. Males had higher out-of-State recidivism rates than females. Five years after release, 11 percent of males and 9 percent of females had an out-of-State arrest. During the same period, 13 percent of Whites, 10 percent of Blacks, and 8 percent of Hispanics were arrested in a State other than the State of release. Younger inmates were more likely than older inmates to have an out-of-State arrest after release. Within 5 years of release, 29 percent of offenders were arrested for a violent offense either within or outside the State of release; 26 percent were arrested for a violent crime within the State of release, and 3 percent were arrested for a violent crime outside the State of release. Less than 1 percent of offenders were arrested for violent crimes both within and outside the State of release. Seventy-seven percent of the offenders were granted conditional release (community supervision). These supervised offenders were less likely than those released unconditionally to be arrested in another State during the 5 years after release. 1 figure

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