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National Best Practices for Improving DNA Laboratory Process Efficiency

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Date Published
May 2022
104 pages

DNA forensic laboratories are at a crossroads. Faced with a rising demand for analysis and constrained by limited financial resources, laboratories must find new and innovative ways to reduce backlogs and increase productivity. The recommendations in this National Institute of Justice-produced guide, authored by experts in forensic science and laboratory management, are aimed at improving efficiency in a multitude of essential tasks that DNA forensic laboratories routinely perform. These tasks range from hiring and training personnel to formulating and enforcing case acceptance policies, implementing existing and new technologies and methodologies, managing casework and tracking laboratory workflows, analyzing data, and compiling final reports that nonscientists can comprehend. This guide's recommendations are also designed to help laboratories anticipate changes — including technological advances and new legislation — that may affect their caseloads.

Date Published: May 1, 2022