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National Crime Victimization Survey Redesign

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Date Published
October 1995
2 pages
Publication Type
Report (Study/Research)
This paper describes the redesigned National Crime Victimization Survey.
The National Crime Victimization Survey was intended to complement what is known about crime from the FBI's annual compilation of information reported to law enforcement agencies. The survey, which also counts incidents not reported to the police, provides a detailed picture of crime incidents, victims, and trends from the victim's perspective. The survey published in 1994 incorporated new questions to accommodate heightened interest in certain types of victimization, improved technology and improved survey methods. Victims are now reporting more types of crime incidents and the survey is capturing previously undetected victimizations. For the first time, the survey is measuring such victimizations as non-rape sexual assault and unwanted or coerced sexual contact that involves a threat or attempt to harm. Improved questions and cues aid victims in recalling victimizations. Year-to-year victimization comparisons for 1991-92 were calculated using the old questionnaire, and those for 1992-93 were prepared with information from the new questionnaire, so any published findings of differences between years should be considered reliable.
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