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National Gang Center Newsletter, Fall 2014

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November 2014
10 pages

The articles in this issue feature a grant-funded community-wide initiative to curtail gang-related crime and violence; strategies being used by law enforcement agencies throughout the Nation to reduce gang activity; the use of social media for law enforcement gang investigations; and a street gang intelligence online training course for law enforcement professionals.


"Beyond Gang Suppression: Strengthening Community and Police Partnerships" describes the components of a comprehensive effort to counter the prevalence of gang-related crime in Fort Pierce, FL. This U.S. Justice Department grant-funded program involves city leaders, outreach workers, community representatives, and law enforcement in a comprehensive effort to suppress, prevent, and intervene in gang-related crime in the city. "Law Enforcement Strategies to Reduce Gang Problems" reports on findings from the most recent National Youth Gang Survey regarding strategies being used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country to reduce gang activity in their jurisdictions. The most cited strategies included targeted patrols, a dedicated gang unit or officer, and multijurisdictional gang task forces. "Gang Investigators Enter the Social Age: Tips to Prepare, Train, and Use Social Media Effectively" briefly describes resources available to assist law enforcement agencies in using social media for law enforcement gang investigations. "Street Gang Intelligence Online Training Course" describes a restricted-access online training course on gang intelligence currently offered by the National Gang Center. This course is designed to assist local, State, and Tribal law enforcement officers in conducting gang intelligence operations. It reviews applicable standards, suggests possible information sources, and highlights some of the problems encountered in collecting gang intelligence.

Date Published: November 1, 2014