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National Institute of Justice Annual Report 2000

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Date Published
August 2001
52 pages
This report summarizes the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) operations, achievements, and overall role in 2000.
Under the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, NIJ is mandated to conduct research; develop new technologies; conduct evaluations; test innovative concepts and model programs; assist policymakers, program partners, and justice agencies; and disseminate knowledge to many audiences for the purposes of improving crime control and criminal justice operations. NIJ projects in 2000 pertained to its three areas of operations: science and technology research and development, social science-based research and evaluation, and development and communications. In the area of science and technology, NIJ continued its work to improve how forensic evidence is gathered and used to solve crimes. NIJ is also leading efforts to improve the interoperability of law enforcement communications and continues to spearhead the innovative use of crime mapping by developing and disseminating geographic information systems technology. In the area of social-science-based research and evaluation, NIJ has funded projects to tailor research to meet local needs, has assessed program impact and effectiveness, and has generated knowledge that informs policy and practice. NIJ's development and communications efforts have maintained the agency's research-to-practice momentum. Activities include field testing and demonstrating research-based strategies in real-world contexts and disseminating research findings to the criminal justice community and others both nationwide and internationally. This is done through publications (both print and electronic), Web site, and conferences. This report describes specific NIJ 2000 projects in detail. Appended organization and financial data, awards made in fiscal year 2000, and materials published in fiscal year 2000

Date Published: August 1, 2001