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National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center: National Center Fact Sheet

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Date Published
June 2014
2 pages

This fact sheet provides information on how to access the various components of the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center ((NLECTC) System, which offers the criminal justice community a variety of easy-to-use access routes to information about relevant technology and related matters of interest, and it conducts the National Institute of Justice's standards and compliance testing program, which ensures the safety and effectiveness of equipment used by law enforcement and corrections personnel.


NLECTC-National is the component responsible for ensuring that requests for information and assistance in matters of criminal justice technology are guided to the other NLECTC System components. Access channels include a toll-free hotline (800-248-2742), email ([email protected]), and online content through JUSTNET (http://www.justnet.org). Channeling inquiries through this central portal ensures that requests reach the resource that best meets an individual user's needs. The components accessed through these routes are the National Center, which is the public interface for information on products evaluated through NIJ's voluntary Compliance Testing Program. Another component of the NLECTC is eTechBeat and other publications. eTechBeat is an award-winning bi-monthly newsletter that highlights relevant technology breakthroughs and applications. It is available in an online format. Also, as previously mentioned, JUSTNET provides information on the NLECTC System components and offers links to other technology sites.

Date Published: June 1, 2014