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National Summit Small and Rural Law Enforcement: 2009

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This report reviews the proceedings of a national summit for small and rural law enforcement held in Tulsa, OK, in August 2009.
The 50 summit participants, representing 38 States, were divided into 4 working groups, and 2 surveys were conducted in order to assess crime and training needs. The group discussions identified three primary issues for small and rural law enforcement agencies: lack of representation of small and rural agencies in national policy and funding; the recruitment and retention of officers; and training. As a result of the summit, the Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center (RULETC) offered three recommendations to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). First, establish a Technical Working Group that will identify and address issues specific to small, rural, and tribal law enforcement agencies. Second, establish a focus group to continue work begun at the summit. Third, plan for a second summit in 2010. This report offers a fourth recommendation for a strategic plan that supports the RULETC recommendations resulting from the summit. This plan should include the training of policymakers who are involved at the State and Federal levels in a clearer understanding of the distinctive issues important to small and rural law enforcement agencies. The plan includes specific action steps, timelines, milestones, and evaluation. 5 references and appended report of the National Assessment of Law Enforcement Technology and Training Needs

Date Published: January 1, 2009