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NIJ Journal Issue No. 244

NCJ Number
National Institute of Justice Journal Issue: 244 Dated: July 2000 Pages: 1-36
Date Published
July 2000
36 pages
This journal presents articles on transnational crime; police discretion and mentally ill persons; gun safety; inmate drug treatment; and recent research findings regarding police management and citizen attitudes, victim services for women, police performance measures, young female offenders, and drug testing and young offenders.
The discussion of transnational crime focuses on the problems created by a global economy, increased immigration, and improved communications technology and on the role of the National Institute of Justice’s International Center in stimulating and facilitating research and evaluation on transnational and comparative crime and justice issues. The discussion of police discretion related to persons with mental illness notes that the criminal justice system has become a last resort for mentally ill persons for whom the mental health system cannot properly care. The discussion of gun safety focuses the status of smart guns and technology funded by the National Institute of Justice that may eventually lead to safer guns for criminal justice professionals. The article on the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program presents preliminary data indicating that the program has helped States to increases drug treatment in correctional facilities and has also helped them develop better screening and assessment tools to identify inmates whom treatment can help. Tables, figures, photographs, reference notes, and reference lists

Date Published: July 1, 2000