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NIJ Journal Issue No. 280

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Date Published
January 2019
56 pages
The seven feature articles in this issue address improvement in officer safety on the roadways, new approaches to digital evidence acquisition and analysis, research by police agencies, body armor, using officer-driven research, using artificial intelligence to address criminal justice needs, and data on body-worn cameras.
"Officer Safety on the Roadways" explains how the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the national Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have collaborated to assist in preventing officer fatalities from motor vehicle crashes and roadside incidents. "New Approaches to Digital Evidence Acquisition and Analysis" describes two NIJ-supported projects that offer innovative ways to process digital evidence. "Body Armor: Protecting Out Nation's Officers From Ballistic Threats" reports on how NIJ creates standards for body armor, oversees compliance testing to performance standards, and funds innovative research to assist in protecting law enforcement officers form ballistic threats. "Research in the Ranks: empowering Law Enforcement To Drive Their Own Scientific Inquiry" explains how NIJ advances the law enforcement profession through science with its innovative LEADS Scholars and LEADS Agencies programs. "Using artificial Intelligence To Address Criminal Justice Needs" reviews NIJ's commitment to realize the full potential of artificial intelligence to promote public safety and reduce crime. "Body-Worn Cameras: What the Evidence Tells Us" reports on current research findings that indicate body-worn cameras may provide benefits for law enforcement; however, additional research is needed to understand the value of this technology for the law enforcement field.

Date Published: January 1, 2019