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Notes From the Field: The Importance of Community Policing in Preventing Terrorism

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This NIJ "Notes from the Field" article discusses how threats of terrorism can be from various sources and that community policing is critical to these acts of violence.
In this article from NIJ's "Notes from the Field" series, Frank Straub, director of the Center for Mass Violence Response Studies at the National Police Foundation, discusses how threats of terrorism can be from various sources – organized groups outside the country, those inside the country, and the lone attacker. Regardless of the source, he stresses that community policing is critical to identifying those who are planning to carry out acts of violence, preparing communities to respond, aiding public safety officials in the response, and when acts cannot be prevented, helping communities heal and recover. NIJ's “Notes from the Field” series allows leading voices in the field to share their strategies for responding to the most pressing issues on America's streets today.
Date Created: March 3, 2020