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Novel Collection Device for Enhanced DNA Recovery and Release from Biological Stain Samples

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Date Published
June 2017
10 pages
This report summarizes the findings and methodology of a research project that aimed to develop and validate materials and devices, fashioned from synthetic polymeric materials available at Diomics, Inc. (called Diomat), for the collection of biological stains and efficient release of DNA from these devices.

Using controlled samples, such as defined volumes of body fluids from known donors, the efficiency of DNA recovery was determined. The pick-up and release efficacy then was compared with currently used swabs. Controlled experiments were designed to measure amounts of samples acquired and the quantity and quality of DNA obtained from them, so as to assist in the selection of best materials. The properties of the selected devices were evaluated by the ability to pick up minute samples and release the majority of DNA contained within them. The initial goals of developing and validating a Diomat- material constructed swab or other collection devices, however, could not be met. Although the DNA yield was exceedingly high and promising, Diomics must improve the other aspects that are also necessary before considering further assessment of this swab material and its performance. There is some promise, since Diomics is reassessing its synthesis of the polymer approximating the conditions used to develop materials similar to that used in the study by Marshall et al. Once the desired features are achieved, the Diomat materials should be revisited, since the yield of DNA was higher than any other currently available swab. Although the project's goals could not be met as intended, it did enable comparison with other swabs, and some success was achieved with either improved collection and recovery or a more sensitive system with less consumption of evidence. 4 references

Date Published: June 1, 2017